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Speeding in school zones has become a big issue. How fast are they going?   According to a recent study, 70% of drivers were in excess of the posted limit. No doubt some were school administrators, school bus drivers, pickup parents and others who were exceeding the posted speed limit. NHTSA publishes Traffic Safety Facts. NHTSA reports 25,000 plus children were involved in or near school zones in accidents with some 236 children killed in a year’s time. Remember SPEEDING is second in traffic fatalities in your state and nationally. DUI is first!

Would it be nice to see what percentage of drivers in your school zone are speeding?  Do what the major universities do. They use laser guns tied to laptop computers. Laser beam width is a mere 36 inches compared to a K or Ka band radar gun of some 212 feet at 1,000 feet. It is vehicle specific. We will average five vehicles per second with laser.  We teach the NHTSA compliant radar and laser speed measurement systems at law enforcement agencies nationally. We have done so for over a decade. We also serve the courts as an expert witness , including the United States Department of Justice, in radar and laser for the prosecution only in trails throughout the country.

We have specialized in school zone safety for some thirty years. You get to see statistics today, not next week or at the next school board meeting, but today! We have our printer with us for you and your friends to see. The figures are easy to understand and even you could operate the laser gun. We give you the percentage of drivers obeying the speed limit, the average speed, and the 85th percentile speed of vehicles in the morning and the evening. We have more advanced statistics for traffic engineers in our reports.  We do NOT identify vehicles by owner.     

Our reports will give you the following:

Average Speed of Vehicles: 36.4 mph
The Percentage of Vehicles at the speed limit: 16%
The fastest vehicle: 72 mph
The slowest vehicle: 16 mph
The 85th percentile of all vehicles: 42.7 mph
10 Mile pace is provided

The results are by day and during a 15 minute bin of information. You will see the results today!

The expense to you is $380.00 per day. Expenses of lodging and gasoline are extra and paid by receipt. We have to eat, but we would do that anyway and is not included.We expect at least three weeks notice of the day, time, and locations of the activity. When is the school zone active? You can do this by calling 817/291-2396 or by using our e mail of at 2300 Harvest Glen Ct., Fort Worth, TX 76108. It is up to you whether you notify the press on our activities. We accept credit cards or bill you by invoice with a W-9. Federal Tax ID 48-1302538-5, DUNS#: 084175061, SIC#: 61. We have been Incorporated since October 1997 by the Secretary of State of Texas, Charter# 01463296.

Many of us have seen various state legislatures pass restrictions of cell phone use in school zones. We offer this service giving you the number of    drivers on their cell phone in an active school zone.The cell phone survey is the same as our speed survey of $380.00 per day. It will give you the percentage and numbers of drivers on their cell phone and the number of females and males on their phone. We also have a comparison of female to female and male to male drivers. Here again provide us the address of the school zone and its active hours at least three weeks prior to our arrival. We will provide you the same day service with the cell phone use survey.

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