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Radar drones are the perfect way to warn drivers with radar detectors. Such drivers think the police are ahead and they will slow down up to a mile ahead of school zone, work zone, or neighborhood. For over a decade, thousands are in operation in school zones, mounted on school busses, in work zones, with DOTs, or where speed control is desired. The FCC Type Accepted XT-1000 (BBPXT1000) complies with USDOT HS 807 753/US DOT 809 812 performance and safety regulations of drone radar projecting a 360 degree K/24.150 GHz band radar from your location.

Model	Quantity	Price			       Availability
XT-1000	1-6 units	$389.00	1-2 weeks from accepted purchase order
		7-23 units	$369.00	1-2 weeks from accepted purchase order
		24+ units	$349.00	1-2 weeks from accepted purchase order


Models:  XT-1000 constant transmit
FCC Type Acceptance: #BBOXT 1000
Drone Compliance:  USDOT HS 807 753
Output Safety Compliance:  USDOT HS 809 812
Weight/Construction:  9.5 oz, impact resistant black polycarbonate, 
                      weather sealed
Transmission Frequency:  24.150 GHz, K band police radar
Antenna Type:  Omnidirectional, dual horn
Country of Manufacturer: United States
Warranty: One year parts and labor, replacement
Dimensions:  4.25” W x 1.5” D x 2.5” H
Input Voltage:  8 VDC to 24 VDC
Continuous Current Draw:  300 mA XT-1000, 50 mA XTI-1000
DC Power Consumption: 1.5 Watt
Oscillator Drift:  1 MHz per degree C
Operating Range:  -20˚ F-160˚ F, -30˚ C-70˚ C
Power Cable:  18/3 SJT, eight (8) feet
Installation Instructions:  Included, two wire VDC, red power,
                       black ground
Licensing Requirements:  No FCC licensing required to operate a
                      Part 15, CFR 47 device
Output Power, Complies with Part 15, CFR 47, 24.150 GHz +/- 100
                     MHz,. 5 mW approx. +7 dBm

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Powering is not a problem as radar drones are powered when the flashing lights of a school zone are active or school busses have power. 12 VDC is recommended. Call 817/291-2396 or e mail at 2300 Harvest Glen Ct., Fort Worth, TX 76108